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YouNique Weightloss, Durban North - Durban Diet & Weightloss Programme  

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Diane - Durban

7.5 Kg in 5 Weeks

Sheetal - Durban

8.7 Kg in 6 Weeks

Shelagh - Jo'burg

13 Kg in 6 Weeks

Vivienne - Durban

27 Kg in 20 weeks

Jennie - Jo'burg

11.5 in 6 weeks

Durban Diet & Weightloss Programme

Always works and rapid weight loss!

Lose it and keep it OFF!

The main purpose of the diet is to not only lose weight but also putting your body and health back into balance.

No injections or extra exercise required!

Only lose where you need to lose!

Notable rejuvenation!

No looking drawn or haggard!

Puts your body back in proportion and balance!

No hidden costs!

Extensive support and hand-holding throughout the diet!

We consistently achieve tremendous success for people who:

  • Need to lose weight fast for various health reasons Are leptin resistant
  • Are insulin resistant Have underactive thryroids
  • Cannot shift post-natal weight
  • Cannot shift menopause weight Are absolutely unable to lose weight by any other means

Obesity and weight problems are a symptom of a physiological malfunction. Very simply, your body is storing more fat than it should be and is not utilizing it properly when needed.

While diets typically focus only on weight loss and fat burning, our protocol addresses both weight loss AND goes to the root cause of the malfunction, resetting your body back to the point where it will, in future, store and utilize energy (fat) correctly. This resetting affects not just your internal weight-management mechanism, but, by the very nature of what it is doing, improves many different body functions and your overall health as well.

Some key features of the YouNique weightloss protocol are:

  • Works for people who find weight loss by any means absolutely impossible.
  • No hunger
  • Targets ONLY the problem fat and does not affect muscle tissue or any healthy fat (essential padding that the body needs)
  • No risk of looking haggard or drawn
  • Extremely close day-to-day personal monitoring and guidance
  • Rapid weight loss from day 1
  • Weight lost is much harder to regain
  • No extra supplements, extra exercise, injections, chemical/synthetic substances and no hidden expenses

For more information call
031 564 2071 / 074 103 4328


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